Thursday, October 17, 2013

Run, baby, run

So, I definitely started a beginning of the year post, which I then proceeded to just never finish. My bad. I did also proceed to take a vacation the first weekend back, and then immediately get sick, so there's that too. I still have no idea why law school seems to do that to me.

Anyway, the third year is off to an inauspicious start. There were 4 classes, now there are 3, since my clinic this year is rather more time intensive than my one last year. ACTUAL CLIENTS THAT I HAVE TO MEET WITH, PEOPLE. Talk about social challenges. It is rather a different feeling to have to meet with clients in a clinical law program space that has no windows and feels somewhat more like an interrogation room than a nice "getting to know you" counseling space. Particularly when the clients you're meeting with are predominately young people who have already faced many challenges in their lives. It's also strange to suddenly be put in the place of a real person from whom someone is seeking advice. I mean, I know that theoretically we're supposed to be just about ready to be actual attorneys by now and that meeting with clients is something I should already be used to doing, but it is always always a bizarre feeling. The fact that both my clinic partner and I were sick on the first client meeting didn't help, I'm sure. I stuck with my usual solution: ALL THE CAFFEINE and ADVIL IN THE WORLD. It worked for a couple hours, but utterly tanked my ability to do anything all weekend.

This whole stupid fall transition isn't helping either. The weather is weird, and my immune system is clearly rebelling against the weird weather.

Enough (as the Brits put it) whinging. Words of wisdom: part of making it through law school is learning your limits and accepting those limitations. It has taken me an absurdly long time to learn that. And I'm still not good at it, but it's a huge thing to find that you CANNOT do everything. Even when that means disappointing someone. So far, this has allowed me to sleep hours like a normal person, do a little bit of yoga in the morning (even occasionally meditate!) and eat real people foods (as opposed to just coffee and a handful of almonds on the way out the door)! All good things. AND I even take vitamins now. Lord knows it hasn't helped me from getting sick, but I wasn't down for the count for a month, so improvement?

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