Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why God Whyyyyy?

Here we are. It's about an hour now since I finished my only actual exam this quarter, seven hours since I woke up, ten hours since I went to bed. And I have an hour until I have to be in the clinic office, two hours until my client meeting, three hours until we moot oral arguments. 

Full system report: 
I had a bagel with cream cheese from the cafeteria when I realized I had ten minutes before my exam. I'm working on only coffee number two of the day. I forgot to get Claritin D to combat my sinuses continual adverse reaction to any minor change in weather. Barely had time to shower. 

Word to the wise - when you have a day like this, just avoid mirrors at all costs. I made the mistake of looking in one. Just momentarily. While washing my hands. It was more of a glance than a look. But my god. No way I'm looking in the mirror again today until after I shower, right before I crawl into bed, beneath a giant fuzzy blanket to temporarily silence the shrieking of the stress goblins in my brain.

Well, I have just successfully wasted almost 20 minutes writing this...because that's how slow my brain is moving. Don't worry, the americano I'm downing like it's the very nectar of the gods is slowly rewiring all of the brain circuitry. Back to the tiny tiny print, and my reading glasses, and my internal cursing of each and every single 1L and 2L for their horrid and unwelcome perkiness. If looks could kill, I tell you.

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